Frequently Asked Questions

What type of events do you specialize in?

Freakin’ Awesome might be well-known in Billings for incredible wedding sound and lighting, but we do much more. Corporate events, birthday parties, anniversaries, and graduations all deserve the special touch of professional audio and lightning from Freakin’ Awesome.


At Freakin’ Awesome, our quality sound system and expert lighting are second to none. Our celebration expert, Gary, will help you customize lighting colors and music to make sure your next event is not just awesome, but Freakin’ Awesome. You won’t need to worry about keeping your guests happy. Gary is the right mix specialist who is sure to take any event to the next level of awesomeness! To learn more about how to make your event Freakin’ Awesome, contact Gary today! 406.259.3000

I am planning an outdoor wedding. How can I make sure my officiant is heard?

There is nothing like a wedding! You want your loved ones, friends, and family to hear the ceremony from beginning to the big “I do.” Freakin’ Awesome has all the best sound equipment to make sure that even if you get choked up saying your vows, everyone can hear it and tease you. Not that they would…

Why Such a Difference in Pricing for DJ's?

Freakin’ Awesome has DJ sound and professional lighting packages for every budget. Being able to cross so many things off your event to-do list with one expert who cares about making you and your guests happy, well, that is priceless!

Why should I pick a DJ? I have a smartphone and I can rent speakers.

That is a great question! You probably have all your favorite music downloaded onto a playlist, but the sound quality of rented speakers might not be ideal for your big event. The level of expertise needed to adjust levels and troubleshoot issues is no problem for a professional DJ like Gary. He has studied the science of music, so you are guaranteed not only crystal-clear sound, but beats mixed just right to keep people partying and dancing without the worry and hassle! Freakin’ Awesome is the clear choice to keep it simple while making it special!

I have so many other things to handle, and I don’t even know where to start.

I completely understand! At Freakin’ Awesome, I have connections to many additional resources and recommendations for you, and it is my mission to help your big day be perfect and as worry-free as possible. I will sit down with you one on one and we will make your big day Freakin’ Awesome!

How many hours come with your DJ service?

This is one thing I have never understood, why DJ’s charge by the hour. The smallest time investment for each event is the hours I’m actually playing music for guests.


Client meetings, playlist building, music curation, equipment maintenance, travel, setup, teardown, etc. It’s a big job only a small part of it is playing music for your guests.


This is why our focus is charging by the event. The average wedding or special event needs between four and six hours of music. With all the time that goes into an event it seems disingenuous to charge more for just a few more hours.


You didn’t pay me for the hours, you paid me for the years, and if your party needs to keep going, we’ve got you covered.

What if I only need a few hours?

We understand that not all events are a perfect fit for our all day packages. If your event needs 1-4 hours of service we have simple hourly option that will work for you.


We arrive ahead of time to set up. Just select the number of hours of music or microphone use that you need, and we’ll handle the rest. Events of two hours or more get a full sized PA system, events 60-90 minutes in length get a smaller PA system to allow for quick setup times.

Why is the hourly price more than the all day rate?

Our service is built to serve the overwhelming majority of events that are on average more than four or five hours.

It is our goal to make things very simple and easy for everyone by not including setup fees or tiered pricing that leaves you scratching your head and wondering, “Am I getting what I need for my event?


If your event is more than four hours or if you’re looking for a larger / nicer setup with lighting options, please choose one of our all day packages. We only suggest using hourly pricing for events that are 1-3 hours in length.

If you're contracted for all day will you play music while we set up?

My service is designed for people who want a professional DJ to play music for their guests and keep their party flowing. If it’s important to have background music during setup or background music for extended events such as family reunions we can possibly arrange for small rental PA system to be picked up 2-3 days in advance of the event at our office. This rental PA will have all of the cables necessary to connect a smartphone or laptop to play your own playlist.