Picture of Company Owner and Family

My name is Gary Carson, and one day I decided I wanted to own a DJ company. I threw caution to the wind and now I own a Freakin’ Awesome company. I have spent enough time working in the service business to realize what makes a company successful, and I intend to apply these principals to make my company Freakin’ Awesome!

It’s simple really, the things that make your company successful are the very same things that make your customers happy. I know it won’t take too many happy customers before everybody in Billings MT is saying, “We’re the Bomb!”

Let’s take a look at what you’re getting here: I have professional sound gear, lighting effects, plenty of music and more heart than the other guy… at about half the price! Whether it’s a wedding, graduation, corporate event, or simple get-together I’ll class up the place and do my best to make sure everybody has an awesome time.