Have you ever thought of what DJ means? It’s short for “Disc Jockey”. It goes all the way back the days when DJ’s would stay busy sorting through stacks of vinyl records. They only had a few minutes to find the next one, find the song they needed and cue it up.

Picard's Request
Picard’s Request

The industry went to cassette tapes for a little while then quickly moved to CDs or “Compact Discs” and once again the DJ was a Disc Jockey. Now CDs are getting scarce, and it’s hard to even find a regular CD player anymore. They all hook up to computers and read thumb-drives. At what time are we going to have to abandon the term? DJ’s have access to thousands of songs released every day directly from the record studio to their hard drives, nobody hardly handles a CD or disc. If they do they are time-code vinyl or time-code CDs to help mimic the old days of real disc-based DJing.
How many times has somebody been “filming” when something amazing happened and they exclaimed, “I got that on tape!”. What tape? It’s all digital, but we still say, “tape” and “film”. What are we supposed to do with these antiquated sayings? Keep the tradition alive? So what is it? Are we Disc Jockeys, DJ’s or what? Make sure to comment below and let us know if we should kick it oldschool so we don’t forget our roots or what you think the new term should be? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments below.

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